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Sunday, June 18, 2006

New Appeal Tour Dates

New Little Howard Appeal dates (grown-up shows)

7th November 2006, Nordon Farm Arts Centre, Maidenhead, http://nordenfarm.org/

New Tour Dates


Here are some more dates that have been added to the tours of The Little Howard Appeal (for Grown-ups) and The Little Howard Kid's Show.

kid's show

15th July 2006, The Liverpool Comedy Festival, www.liverpoolcomedyfestival.co.uk, The Unity Theatre

30 July 2006, Battersea Arts Centre, 17.30, http://www.bac.org.uk/

7th November 2006, Nordon Farm Arts Centre, Maidenhead, http://nordenfarm.org/

1st December 2006, The Junction, Cambridge www.junction.co.uk, BOX OFFICE 01123 511 511

3rd December 2006, Stables Theatre, Hastings, BOX OFFICE 01424 423221, www.stables-theatre.co.uk

8th and 9th December 2006, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, details soon.

song on radio 2


Should really have mentioned this before it was broadcast, but I was asked to write a song for The Day The Music Died, which is a very funny show on Radio 2. It went out yesterday, but you can still hear it at http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio2/comedy/daymusicdied.shtml


New Bady Commissioned

For those who don't know Nat and I are having a tiny real baby. It's provisional title is Mungbean and it's due for transmission at the end of October.


Two Raido Pilots


You may have noticed that I don't get round to posting blogs very often, but I'm catching up today.

Chris (my writing partner) and I have been made a non-broadcast pilot for Radio 4. It's called Peacefully In Their Sleeps, and it's to be a series of obituaries of people who didn't exist. We should find out in a week or two if it's been commissioned.

We also found out this week that we're going to be making a pilot of a sketch show with the fantastically funny Josie Long for Radio 7. The provisional title for this is "The A-Z of the English Countryside" and it's a sketch show about Wildlife, farmers and me, Chris and Josie fannying about.

Watch this space for incredibly infrequent updates!


Animation Pilot Commissioned

ello everyone.

Just to let you know that if you're fans of my animation, or of the smash hit UKTVG2 series The Two Posh Old Men (everyone's talking about it) then you'll be very pleased to hear that Chris Chantler and I (the man who I did P.O.M with) have been commissioned by CBBC to make two pilot episodes of an animated sit-com which has the provisional Title of "Stiarlift To Heaven". It's about an eight-year-old boy who, due to a terrible administrative error, is put in an old people's home. It should go out sometime in January.


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

New Kid's Show!

Big Howard and Little Howard are creating a show just for kids!

After years of being told "you should do a show for children", and foolishly not listening, we're doing a show for children!

We're touring it in the afternoons and early evenings starting from june.

See previous post for dates. Come along and bring the kids.

It's the same high-calibre comedy animated fun, but without the scary rude bits.